Activating your Straight Talk SIM and iPhone | StraightTalk

By Gavin | September 19, 2018

I'm going to show you how to activate your iPhone or I guess it is any phone through AT&T.

This is an iPhone 4 and this is an 18 T, and what's 18 T? It's not an unlocked AT&T, or it's not a general lock phone, it's just a regular AT&T phone straight from the company, and when you order your Straight Talk SIM, I have the Straight Talk SIM card here, and I'll come in this little activation kit, I have a paperclip to remove the SIM tray, and basically what you're going to need out of this is this red card, here with this number down on it, and this is basically your serial number for your SIM.

First thing you're going to need to do is to go to, and here once you have the SIM, you're going to need to hit activate or reactivate SIM, sim/phone, let me tell you the difference between these two, the activate is going to be for new SIM card users, if you're new to straight talk, reactivate is say that you had your phone on for maybe a few months, and then your phone wasn't on because you didn't pay for the time, so it was off for maybe another four months, so that's what that means, any of these options you have activated, or reactivate transfer my existing Straight Talk service, or activate my straight talk service with a number from another company.

Now in this case, you're going to want to have your previous account name, your previous pin, and password, and your contact information, you're going to need to have those three things, because straight talk will ask you for those, so if you don't know what your previous pin is for your service provider, whether it be h2o, or red pocket, or I Wireless, or any of those alternative prepaid services, you're going to need to call that company and get your PIN number and also your account number if you want to keep the same number, if you want a new number, just go ahead and activate it, reactivate my Straight Talk service will hit continue, and now here is where you're going to enter your serial number, that's the one here on the red card, which I showed you earlier, and you're going to enter your zip code, and here is your service pin, this is the card that you either bought from Walmart, or you'll have to register your MasterCard or Visa.

In this case, I do have a service PIN, so I'll go ahead and enter all this information, after you fill out this information all that you need to, hit continue, and it's going to ask you to basically fill out your information, such as your address, arm city, state off going to be paying with MasterCard or credit card, your credit card information, and then it will basically ask you to activate the phone, however, my screen recording didn't capture that, so basically, I can't show you that screen, but it's very self-explanatory, and then you're going to go ahead and hit just activate phone or activate SIM, and from there once you have activated, I'm just going to go ahead and use paper clip to go ahead and remove the SIM tray, just go ahead and put that SIM in there, and we see searching and it went to home and 3G right there. Let's go ahead and make a call Bing so that works style.

Now the last step, we're going to go ahead and I'm just going to put this on here to show you how to get the data working to put the settings in there, want to go into Safari, and go to unlock it, but this is basically your APN changer, and we installed a profile for straight talk, and we're going to hit create APN, and the carrier is not air fire, we're going to go down to straight talk, there hit OK, and we're in the United States, and hit create APN and install, now profile installed, and now to check to make sure our data is working, I'm going to turn the Wi-Fi off, so now you'll see that 3G pop up there, let's get it to focus here, and the Wi-Fi is off and let's go back here, and we'll go to Google and there the data is working, I'll just double check and there it is, so the data is working now.

If you want to get your picture messaging working, I have another post that I'll go ahead and put right here, that's going to require at-mobile SIM card, it doesn't have to be activated, and it's going to require you to enter the settings manually, you don't have to be jailbroken to do this, that's it.