StraightTalk- Easy Steps for Adding Services to Your Smartphone

By Gavin | September 19, 2018

I'll be talking about Straight Talk, which is something that I switch to here in like the past month, and it's a few don't know what it is, it's a pay-as-you-go program, you pay every month, it's $45 a month for unlimited talk, text, and data, and I switch the switch over that, and I kind of liked it, they got that bring your own phone program, which is you can find any smartphone or any phone that you like, and you can go there, just has to have a SIM port, so it has to be compatible with Straight Talk, I'll make a post on how to make sure it's compatible, and so once your phone is compatible, check it, and it's compatible, I check the iPhone, most iPhones are also, iPhone has to have a SIM tray, so iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, 5s, 6, 6 plus, all the newer ones are probably going to have SIM slots, so those will also work for straight talk.

I started this program and it's been about a month now, and I have to go in and renew it, and when I went in there, the guy was like we got better deals instead of just paying coming in every month and paying $45 a month, he said I could hook up my card, but then he said straight truck, Straight Talk charges me for pulling money off my card every month, and he's like, but there's a loop, a bit better way to do that, and he provided me with this 3 months unlimited card, there's the one-month card, a three month card, a six months, and a year card, and I just went with the three months, because I'm just kind of testing out straight talk, for now seeing how I like it, so I paid $130 upfront, and that's for the 90 days, for the three months is what it's going to last me.

So I came home and I went to add on my time, and the number that I called was 1-8774302355, that's a number, that's located on the back of the straight talk card, once I called, it ask me if you want English press one, I hit one and then it asked if you want to do a survey press one again, didn't want to do a survey, so I was just quiet, and that went on to the next thing, and the next option that I selected was number two, which was refill a phone, and then asked me if you've already purchased a plan to activate or if you gotten, if you're going to buy a plan from them through the phone, and I already bought the plan, I bought the card, so I selected one, and asked which number you're going to put the time on, so I told them my number, and they read it back to me, and then they asked for the pin, and the pin is a 15 digit number located on the back, right back here that you have to scratch off to get the pin, he asked for the pin, I gave it to him, he read it back to me, and then he says the request was sent, thank you for you know shopping with Straight Talk, going through them, and once I finished talking with him, I got a text message saying the your time expired January 17th, so that's three months from now.

So the thing went through and I double check to make sure I did everything right, called the customer service, and asked him if I did it right, and when my expression bait was for my phone, and the lady also said January 17th, so that is easier way instead of going back to the store to buy the monthly cards, if this works out I might be getting a year, your one next time, and if you're pretty good at math, you might have already done the math, 45 times three months, it's going to be hundred thirty-five bucks, so since I bought the three month plan, I save five bucks off, and I believe if you do the whole year, it's like fifteen dollars, some along those lines, so there's a little thing and I will also be making a post to how to check to make sure your phone is compatible, so if you are a straight talk or want to be on straight talk tune in, and I will try to help you out.